Bash Examples: String Operations

09 Sep 2020   How to interact with strings on bash scripts.

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jq: Sorting JSON objects

29 Aug 2020   Just simple examples on how to sort objects with jq

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pytest python testing

Pytest Options: Best Practices and Examples

23 Aug 2020   Examples on how to use pytest to run tests, configure outputs, etc.

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paper-summary natural-language-processing embeddings sequence-learning

Paper Summary: ULMFIT: Universal Language Model Fine-tuning for Text Classification

22 Jul 2020   Summary of the 2018 article "ULMFIT: Universal Language Model Fine-tuning for Text Classification" by Howard and Ruder.

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Bash Shopt Examples

05 Jul 2020   Examples and reference on how to work with options on bash scripts via the shopt command

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paper-summary sequence-learning attention transformer-architecture

Paper Summary: Attention is All you Need

27 Jun 2020   Summary of the 2017 article "Attention is All you Need" by Vaswani et al.

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apache-24 caching

Apache Browser Caching: Reference and Examples

24 May 2020   Example configurations and reference for setting up browser-side caching for files served by Apache 2.4.

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permissions filesystem

Setfacl Examples: Give Users and Groups Access to Files and Directories

23 May 2020   Examples on how to use the setfacl util to set permissions for specific users and groups to access files and directories on unix-based systems.

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project-review natural-language-processing

Project Review: Text Classification of Legal Documents (Another one)

25 Apr 2020   Short review with lessons learned for a contract project worked on during early 2020. The aim of the project was to classify documents into classes, with some peculiarities and specific rules.

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python jupyter-notebooks

Python Imports: Reference and Examples

25 Apr 2020   Examples on how to deal with imports in Python scripts and jupyter notebooks, how to add custom directories and import from those, etc.

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