management soft-skills

As a Manager: Tell Reports "Why" as Often as Possible

12 Dec 2022   Asking somebody to do something without fully telling them the underlying reasons saves time in the short run but prevents growth in the long run. As often as you can, tell people the why behind a given task or decision.

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pytorch ubuntu

Mini-Tutorial: Installing PyTorch (CPU-only) on Ubuntu

28 Nov 2022   Some notes on how to install PyTorch (CPU-only for now) on Ubuntu

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Pandas Fillna Examples: Filling in Missing Data

16 Oct 2022   Examples on the most common ways you will find yourself using fillna and related functions in pandas.

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As a Manager: Give Feedback on Specifics Only

15 Oct 2022   As a manager, why you should try and keep feedbacks on specific actions and behaviours, rather than giving out generic, subjective advice.

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Git config Examples

15 Oct 2022   Quick examples for some common configuration for git and related tools.

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Brainstorming Tech Content

15 Oct 2022   Meta content on writing tech content such as this blog

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Splunk examples: Dealing with null/empty values

10 Oct 2022   Dealing with NULL and/or empty values in splunk. Examples with the most common use cases and problems you may face.

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splunk regex

Splunk Examples: Regex command

10 Oct 2022   Ese the regex command in splunk to have regex-like (perl-compatible) queries and filters.

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grep regex

Grep examples: Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions

09 Oct 2022   Examples on how to use regular expressions in conjunction with GNU grep. Examples on how to modify regular expressions, use multiple types, common issues and solutions. Examples mostly use Perl-compatible regular expressions (PCRE)

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Splunk Examples: Calculating Ratios Between Events

14 Sep 2022   Splunk examples on how to take data from several sources and combine them to calculate ratios or percentages between one event and the other, relative counts, etc.

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