Add Per-core Metrics on indicator-multiload on Ubuntu

08 May 2022   Add individual metrics for each core, such as usage percentage for the basic ubuntu indicator-multiload plugin.

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Matplotlib Examples: Drawing Straight Lines

06 May 2022   Examples showing you how to draw several types of straight lines on matplotlib, horizontal, vertical, at angles, dashed, solid, etc

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java ubuntu

Update Alternatives: Changing Java version on Ubuntu

02 May 2022   How to list and change java version on ubuntu.

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pandas matplotlib

Pandas Examples: Plotting Date/Time data with Matplotlib/Pyplot

24 Apr 2022   Examples on how to plot time-series or general date or time data from a pandas dataframe, using matplotlib behind the scenes.

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software-engineering technical-debt

If you use Git you should be very Liberal in Deleting Stale Code

21 Apr 2022   On the costs of keeping stale code around and how to recover old code using git, if needed.

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Apache Spark Examples: Dataframe and Column Aliasing

29 Dec 2021   Examples on how to add and work with dataframe and column aliases on Spark SQL. Examples using Scala. Also includes common error messages and common questions.

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How to Ask for Tech Support

24 Dec 2021   Asking questions and requesting support the right way, to increase the odds your problems will actually get solved, while maintaining good relations with support staff.

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Complex Code is Technical Debt, and it will Charge Interest

28 Nov 2021   Why complex code is technical debt and how it hurts you, your teams and your company. And what to do about it.

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jupyterlab jupyter-notebooks

JupyterLab: Sane Defaults and Extensions for Basic DS Work

08 Nov 2021   Minimum Viable Jupyterlab configuration for reasonably pleasant DS work in Python

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Git Examples: Searching the Git History

01 Nov 2021   Examples on how to search the git logs and history for modified files, modified code, how to retrieve past files from the history, etc.

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