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AWS Examples: Change EC2 Instance Type without Losing Data  26 Jun 2021    aws ec2 ebs
You can change the instance type for an EC2 instance by detaching the base volume (where the OS is installed), then re-attaching it to another instance (of the desired type) and then copying files manually on demand. Read More ›

Presto/Athena Examples: Date and Datetime functions  10 Dec 2018    presto datetime date athena
Functions for handling dates and datetimes in Presto and/or AWS Athena. Read More ›

AWS Glue: Introduction, Examples and Troubleshooting  01 Dec 2018    glue athena
Introduction, examples and troubleshooting tips for using AWS Glue. Read More ›

Connect to Jupyter Notebook Running on EC2 Instance  09 Dec 2017    jupyter ec2
Spin up and connect to a Jupyter notebook running on a remote EC2 instance. Read More ›

Failed to Connect via SSH to a new Deep Learning AMI EC2 on AWS  09 Dec 2017    aws
Simple Guide to troubleshoot connection issues on Deep Learning AMIs on AWS. Read More ›

Using AWS CodePipeline to Automatically Deploy and Build your App Stored on Github as a Docker-based Beanstalk Application  07 Jul 2017    codebuild codepipeline docker beanstalk continuous-integration continuous-deployment
A full guide on how to set up a continuous deployment pipeline using GitHub and AWS CodePipeline, in order to deploy a Docker-based Beanstalk Application. Read More ›

AWS Kinesis Common Operations using the AWS CLI: Reference & Examples  21 Dec 2016    aws kinesis awscli
A couple of commands you can issue to a Kinesis stream from the AWS cli. Read More ›

ApplicationAttemptNotFoundException: Spark Application Stuck in ACCEPTED state on YARN  13 Nov 2016    emr yarn spark
ApplicationAttemptNotFoundException may be cause because the log directory have become too crowded with data. Read More ›

Using the AWS CLI to manage Spark Clusters on EMR: Examples and Reference  23 Mar 2016    emr cli spark
Update Java to JDK 8 on Amazon Elastic MapReduce  22 Mar 2016    emr spark java 8
Apache Zeppelin, Spark Streaming and Amazon Kinesis: Simple Guide and Examples  19 Feb 2016    emr spark zeppelin kinesis wip
Add an Apache Zeppelin UI to your Spark cluster on AWS EMR  10 Nov 2015    aws emr spark zeppelin
Creating a Spark Cluster on AWS EMR: a Tutorial  10 Nov 2015    aws emr spark
AWS now provides full support for Spark Clusters within Elastic MapReduce (EMR). It's very simples and you just need a couple of minutes to learn how to do it. Read More ›

AWS Examples: Mounting an EBS Volume on a Linux EC2 Instance  27 Aug 2015    aws ec2 ebs
Amazon S3: Common CLI Commands & Reference  26 Aug 2015    s3
Examples on how to work on common tasks related to S3 and S3 buckets. Read More ›

Elastic MapReduce: merge Outputs from multiple Reducers into a single file  19 Aug 2015    hadoop emr mapreduce
Connecting to EC2 Instance (Ubuntu) via SSH - Best Practices, Reference and Troubleshooting  06 Jan 2014    ec2 ubuntu ssh keys security
Interacting with Amazon Glacier on Ubuntu (File Uploads and more)  25 Dec 2013    aws glacier
Amazon EC2 Server instance: adding a second user to access your instance  05 Aug 2012    ec2 ssh
How to add a second user that can log into your EC2 instance. Read More ›

Change the hostname on your EC2 Server Instance  05 Aug 2012    server ec2 ubuntu
Assign an Elastic-IP to an instance in Amazon EC2  06 May 2012    config ec2 elastic-ip aws