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Examples: Installing and Updating Packages with Apt  01 Jan 2024    ubuntu apt
Examples on how to use apt-get and dpkg to install, uninstall, and list packages on Ubuntu and similar systems. Read More ›

Mini-Tutorial: Installing PyTorch (CPU-only) on Ubuntu  28 Nov 2022    pytorch ubuntu
Some notes on how to install PyTorch (CPU-only for now) on Ubuntu Read More ›

Add Per-core Metrics on indicator-multiload on Ubuntu  08 May 2022    ubuntu
Add individual metrics for each core, such as usage percentage for the basic ubuntu indicator-multiload plugin. Read More ›

Update Alternatives: Changing Java version on Ubuntu  02 May 2022    java ubuntu
How to list and change java version on ubuntu. Read More ›

Assign Command to Keyboard Shortcut on Ubuntu  30 May 2021    ubuntu
Assign hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts to commonly used terminal commands on Ubuntu Read More ›

How to Make Gif Animations from Screencasts on Ubuntu  01 Oct 2017    ubuntu animations
To make short gif-videos on Ubuntu, you can use Kazam for the Screencasts and then Gifify to turn those videos into gif animations. Read More ›

How to Change the Default Application for a given Extension on Ubuntu  01 Oct 2017    ubuntu
Change the default applications used by certain file extensions. Read More ›

Install NodeJS and NPM on Ubuntu  28 Jul 2017    nodejs npm ubuntu
Installing the latest NPM + NodeJS on Ubuntu Read More ›

Installing and Configuring Golang 1.8 on Ubuntu 16.04  24 Apr 2017    golang ubuntu 16
Short guide to installing and configuring Go v1.8 on Ubuntu 16.04. Read More ›

PostgreSQL Common Operations: Reference + Examples  10 Mar 2017    postgres sql ubuntu
Common operations you may first yourself doing over and over again when dealing with PostgreSQL databases. Unless otherwise stated, examples assume version 9 or later, running on Ubuntu. Read More ›

Error when running plot on Octave: Xlib extension GLX missing on display  07 Feb 2017    octave ubuntu
The easiest way to fix this problem is to configure Octave to use gnuplot instead of OpenGL. Read More ›

Installing CUDA TK 8 and Tensorflow on a Clean Ubuntu 16.04 Install  24 Dec 2016    ubuntu 16.04 cuda tensorflow
Guiding you through installing the correct NVIDIA drivers, CUDA, cuDNN and tensorflow on an Ubuntu 16.04 box. Read More ›

Troubleshooting Ubuntu 16.04 Installation/Graphics card on a new Dell Notebook  17 Dec 2016    ubuntu 16.04 troubleshooting dell
Window Resolution too Small When Running Ubuntu 14.04 on Virtualbox  31 Oct 2015    virtualbox ubuntu 14
How to Setup a Proxy over an SSH Tunnel on Ubuntu: Examples with Firefox and Chrome  24 Sep 2015    ssh tunnel proxy ubuntu
Hadoop Command-line: Quick reference for Common Commands  07 Sep 2015    hadoop ubuntu
Using Ubuntu Old Resources Repositories for Raring  14 Dec 2014    ubuntu
Disabling SSH Timeout When Connecting to/from Ubuntu  17 Aug 2014    ssh ubuntu timeout
Increase the time a SSH connection stays open even when you are idle, so that the terminal doesn't freeze and you can keep working. Read More ›

Error when installing angular-seed on Ubuntu: this failure might be due to the use of legacy binary  23 Jul 2014    ubuntu nodejs npm
Install an Elasticsearch Server on Ubuntu  05 Jun 2014    ubuntu elasticsearch
How to Install pip on Ubuntu  02 Jun 2014    ubuntu pip
Connecting via VPN on Ubuntu: Quick Reference & useful commands  01 Mar 2014    ubuntu vpn
Installing a Haskell Development Environment on Ubuntu  06 Jan 2014    ubuntu yesod haskell
Connecting to EC2 Instance (Ubuntu) via SSH - Best Practices, Reference and Troubleshooting  06 Jan 2014    ec2 ubuntu ssh keys security
Running Scripts and Commands at Start-up Time on (Ubuntu) - Quick Examples and Reference  11 Dec 2013    ubuntu startup
Installing PostgreSQL and pgAdmin on Ubuntu  12 Nov 2013    ubuntu postgresql pgsql
Setting up a Ruby on Rails App on Ubuntu  27 Sep 2013    ubuntu rails
Upgrading your Ubuntu Version from the Command Line  13 Sep 2013    ubuntu upgrade
Upgrading Apache to Version 2.4 on Ubuntu: Lessons Learned  13 Sep 2013    ubuntu apache 2.4 upgrade
Installing Bluefish Code Editor on Ubuntu 12.04  23 Dec 2012    ubuntu bluefish ppa
Upgrading PHP to version 5.4 on Ubuntu   30 Sep 2012    php ubuntu php 5.4
Installing Node.js and Less and using Less to statically compile .less files  24 Aug 2012    ubuntu less nodejs npm
Installing and Configuring PHP JpGraph on Linux  08 Aug 2012    php ubuntu jpgraph
Installing Imagemagick for use with PHP on Ubuntu  08 Aug 2012    php ubuntu imagemagick
Change the hostname on your EC2 Server Instance  05 Aug 2012    server ec2 ubuntu
Disable a service on Ubuntu  02 Aug 2012    ubuntu services
XHProf PHP Profiler Full Usage Example  01 Aug 2012    ubuntu xhprof example
Start a remote VirtualBox VM using the CLI(Command Line Interface) on Ubuntu  12 Jun 2012    ubuntu vboxmanage virtualbox
Creating a private/public key pair on Ubuntu  04 Jun 2012    ubuntu ssh pki
Create a Remote GIT repository and PUSH stuff to it  30 May 2012    server ubuntu git
Installing XHProf PHP Profiler on Ubuntu  23 May 2012    php ubuntu xhprof
Create a VHOST for a website in Apache  11 May 2012    apache ubuntu linux